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I tried mailing you at your old address, which was not listening.
Problem solved. It turns out I was too hasty concluding espeak had a
problem. I'm no longer sure which file I tried it with a couple weeks
ago, but now it works great with everything I have thrown at it. There
is a 0.6.2 up now with espeak support and other enhancements as well.

Thomas reminded me of speech-dispatcher for this interface, but
actually this wave reader is primarily intended for browsing through a
wide variety of audio files, not primarily text files, and the TTS
feature here is an add-on. I have another package on the way which will
output to speech-dispatcher, and will accept a wide range of text or
text-translatable formats as input. So for the moment, this wave reader
will not go all the way and use speech-dispatcher. It generates wave
files from text files, and handles those wave files the same way it
handles wave files generated by midi, mp3, ogg, mov, rm, and their
friends. So while flite is still the default, espeak and swift are
alternatives, and the configuration file allows changing the default.


PS: As per your signature, I have already lived long, and still hope to
prosper, but it's looking pretty iffy at the moment

On Sun, Nov 25, 2007 at 07:55:51PM -0500, Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
> Sorry, can't help with this one. The wav files I generate with eSpeak
> seem fine. They are the correct size as far as I can tell, 346MB for a
> technical manual for a mobile phone translated at 160 words per minute,
> and the files play without problems using both sox and aplay. 160 words
> per minute is kinda slow, but made a pretty good test case.
> Live long and prosper,
> Lorenzo
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