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I started with Emacs, but mostly use vi--or, more precisely, vim.  You can screw yourself royally if you forget what mode you're in.  Also, I've found that, unlike with Emacs, I don't hear what I'm backspacing over.  Those are the drawbacks I live with regularly.  As long as I remember what mode I'm in, though, I find it much easier to move around a document in vim than in Emacs, easier to copy and paste blocks of text, and much easier to change the settings that kick in when I start it.  (I still don't know how to set autofill on or the line length to wrap at permanently in Emacs:  it's doubtless somewhere in the manual, but sure not easy to find.) Also, I find the Emacs keystrokes often a nuisance, especially especially because there's only one working alt key, which apparently is a Linux thing.

You may of course know all this and have decided against vim.  I mention these things only in case they may be new food for thought.  I avoided vim until I took a class in which some of its useful features were pointed out to us.  I was grateful.

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> Hello,
> I am currently looking for a better editor than my current favourite
> (nano). I have just been doing some bash scripting training, and in that
> they were teaching using vi (the training was for people who may never
> have used unix before), but I have to say I just wasn't getting on with
> vi. How does speakup work with vi best? I found it not very good. People
> were saying to me that nano isn't so powerful (and I know what they are
> getting at), so I am thinking about emacs (or emacspeak). It seems more
> to my liking than vi, but I have a few questions about it. If I were to
> use emacspeak, how is it best to stop conflicts of speakup and emacspeak
> wanting to use the same synth (an apollo in my case)? Or is it good to
> use emacs with speakup (so doing away with emacspeak? Or alternatively,
> is there any other editors people might suggest.
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