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Tue Nov 7 13:16:02 EST 2006

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On Tue, Nov 07, 2006 at 05:04:50AM -0800, Radical NetSurfer wrote:
> There's a very easy way to indicate the failure rate
> of the Speakup FC-6... ask one simple quesiton:
> How many people out there (blind or otherwise) have
> been successfully able to install from the CD or DVD
> ISO's?
> I bet the number is far lower than what it should be.
> Anyone trying to install on a stand alone system, 
> without network card are likely to have the highest
> difficulty, as I did.
> For now, I'd like a poll on just how many ordinary
> every day people have been sucessfull at installing.
> And trying the Debian or other distro would, for the
> exact same reason, be also extremely problematical:
> If you do not have highspeed to supplement the
> installation once the base OS itself is installed, you
> are screwed.  
> That is what makes Fedora Core so wonderful, it

What exactly are you complaining about? Is it the difficulty of
installing fc6 without broadband, or is it about the difficulty of
installing debian and other distributions without a broadband
connection? From your post, it can only be concluded that you're
complaining about both, and I personally find that to be confusing and contradictory.

> actually comes with everything all at once. You do not
> have to use a network to download most productivity
> items, they will be right there for you!

If you purchase or download the 6-7 cd images, you can do the same
thing with slackware, debian stable, and maybe with other distros, all
without requiring an internet connection. So, again, what's your point?

> And yes, when I am online with Fedora Core 5, as with
> all versions I have used, I am using an ordinary
> modem, and dial up connetion.  And yes, I have been
> able to use yum to properly fetch, install, and update
> many packages using dial up.

Guess what? The same exact thing applies to debian at least, using
apt-get, or whatever tool you want to use to manage packages. Once you
have a full system installed, it should be fairly short and sweet to
keep your debian system up to date via dial-up, especially if you're
using stable. Package management under slackware wasn't as simple back
when I was using it, as it is under fc and debian, so I can't really
comment there. I'm also not able to comment here on other distros.

> Some mentioned something about using a special boot
> ISO 
> included with the distribution.. problem is that would
> not work for anybody that does not have a separate
> computer to link too, making that whole approach kind
> of lame in my opinion.

There are distros out there that provide speakup on their stock
install cds, slackware being the first to do so. So, I don't see the
problem here either. Granted, installing a distro that doesn't provide
speakup on the stock media would be difficult without a second
computer, provided that you can do a ssh/telnet/serial install in the
first place with a particular distro. However, there are
speakup-enabled install cds, for most, if not all distros that don't
have speakup on the stock media, so I really don't see the problem
with that either.

In conclusion, if you're going to wine about something:

1. Make it clear what you're unhappy with.

2. Get your facts straight about the topic or topics.

3. Finally, understand and realize that all gnu/linux distributions
   are distributed under the gnu general public license, which means you're
   free to modify, and distribute them So, if you don't like the way
   in which a gnu/linux distribution works, instead of complaining, it
   would be far more constructive for you to get involved, and either
   make changes to the distribution which you feel are appropriate,
   or create a spin-off distribution of your own, based on an already
   existing distribution. Again, let me make this point clear. If you
   don't like the way in which a distribution works, this isn't
   windows, you don't have to be stuck with choices someone else made
   for you, you can change whatever you don't like. Is that clear


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