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Mon Nov 6 08:40:47 EST 2006

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You were asking about setting up e-mail.  Well, I don't have Debian or
Fedora but want to comment concerning fetchmail.  You expressed a
problem with fetchmail not being automatic anough.  Well, just start
fetchmail with a command line option like -d 600.  That option causes
fetchmail to go into daemon mode and poll every 10 minutes.  the value
after the -d tells how often to do the polling.  I have my machine do
that and it polls for four different mail boxes at the same time.  I
never have to tend to it again while my system is up.  The SMTP stuff is
usually done through sendmail, exim, or whatever MTA the distro uses.  I
believe Debian uses exim and I know Slackware uses sendmail.  Not sure
about Fedora.  I personally run Slackware but uninstalled the sendmail
package and use my own package of exim.

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