help with a speakup installation

Gene Collins collins at
Fri Apr 22 12:35:11 EDT 2005

Hi Kristoffer.  It somewhat depends on which Linux distribution you are

I'm using Debian, so I can only answer about that distribution.

For Debian, you need to edit the /etc/speech-dispatcher/speechd.conf
file.  Follow the comments in the file, and uncomment the festival and
port lines.

You will also need to edit your /etc/init.d/festival file.  You will
find a comment that says, "# comment out the following line to start a
festival server."

If memory serves, you also need to edit /usr/share/festival/festival.scm
and make sure that the name "localhost" is in the access list.

If you are running something other than Debian, then someone else will
have to answer your questions.


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