Speech dispatcher/Speechdup with FC2 w/2.6.6

Erik Heil eheil at va3duk.serveftp.com
Fri Jun 25 10:03:26 EDT 2004

Hi their.  i was unable to build flite from source, so I just acquired the 
RPM's, install the flite-devel and flite RPM's.  Made the required 
simlinks to /usr/include flite, built speech dispatcher from source and 
installed it.  Everything's fine.  What else is required to get software 
working successfully?  Note I also have speechdup installed.  I ran the 
spd-say program with some text and it complained about it not being able 
to connect to the clinet, yet I have speech-dispatcher running.  Someone 
suggested that you might have to move some libs around, but as far as I 
see, they're all in standard locations.  So what gives?  Thanks.

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