[OT] Proftp and Firewalls

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Mon Jun 21 16:13:45 EDT 2004

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Hey,  I'm wondering if and how one can run proftp on a linux server
behind a router.  In my case, the incoming request is port forwarded
to my machine running proftpd and so far, I can access the basic login
prompts but I cannot list directories from any outside machines.  If I
use a simple command line client outside, the last thing I see after
typing 'ls' is "port command successful" and then it just hangs.  I
think it's got to do with active vs passive FTP but not sure in this

On my router, I have the outside port set to 7021 and the destination
port set to 21 and proftpd on the inside machine listens on port 21.
So my connections set up find.  Oh, I can access all proper functions
of this ftp server on my local network with no problems.  Do I have to
do something with the data port as well, and if so, what ot I set it
to?  My ISP blocks inbound FTP port 21 so that's why the high number.

Any ideas? I hope my question makes sense.
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