[OT] Proftp and Firewalls

Jayson Smith ratguy at bellsouth.net
Mon Jun 21 18:00:42 EDT 2004

Actually I think ftp is supposed to use both ports 20 and 21.  Hope this

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> Hey,  I'm wondering if and how one can run proftp on a linux server
> behind a router.  In my case, the incoming request is port forwarded
> to my machine running proftpd and so far, I can access the basic login
> prompts but I cannot list directories from any outside machines.  If I
> use a simple command line client outside, the last thing I see after
> typing 'ls' is "port command successful" and then it just hangs.  I
> think it's got to do with active vs passive FTP but not sure in this
> direction.
> On my router, I have the outside port set to 7021 and the destination
> port set to 21 and proftpd on the inside machine listens on port 21.
> So my connections set up find.  Oh, I can access all proper functions
> of this ftp server on my local network with no problems.  Do I have to
> do something with the data port as well, and if so, what ot I set it
> to?  My ISP blocks inbound FTP port 21 so that's why the high number.
> Any ideas? I hope my question makes sense.
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