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Ordinarily I would not bring up this Off Topic item, but since I addressed
it in an earlier reply, I would like to post this so anyone getting one of
these MP3 players/recorders does not get the wrong model.
And this unit will work with Linux.
If anyone is hoping to get an Archos JukeBox, with the hopes of having a
talking MP3 player/recorder, you will want to make sure you get the correct
model of Archos product in order to make it talk, as not all of their
products will use the RockBox firmware which  makes it talk.
And note that it does not talk out of the box, you need to download free
software off the WWW.
Below is a few lines from the top of the manual to help anyone wanting one
of these cool MP3 units, with at least a 20 GB hard drive, that now talks!

Rockbox User Manual

Make your box rock!

Open Source jukebox firmware for the
Archos Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, Recorder V2 and FM Recorder MP3

Rockbox is a complete rewrite and uses no fragments of the original

Website: http://rockbox.haxx.se/

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