zsh command line and speakup

Joseph C. Lininger jbahm at pcdesk.net
Sun Jun 20 05:37:46 EDT 2004

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Looks like a curser tracking problem. Check that zsh is emulating the proper 
terminal, then see if zsh has an option to change the appearance of the 
curser. Since I don't use zsh, that's about the best I can do.
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Subject: zsh command line and speakup

> Hi all.
> I'm trying to switch to the zsh shell but I'm getting some odd behavior 
> which is a little hard to explain and somewhat annoying. Using zsh, when I 
> type the second character of a command speakup always repeats the first 
> two letters I typed again. This doesn't happen with any other shell or 
> anywhere else where you'd type at a prompt.
> It used to show up in lftp but it's mysteriously gone now.
> Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm using slackware current with zsh 
> 4.2.0. Yes I know current can be unstable but I've been using it for 
> months now and this is the first even minor glitch.
> Thanks in advance for any advice.
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