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You need to use speakup from cvs if you want to use a 2.6 kernel. See:


On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 08:30:55PM -0600, Jeff Jacobson wrote:
> Hi,
> I.m new to the list. I.m trying to build a Linux system for a blind friend 
> of mine. The system is:
> Dell Dimension TS500 . Pentium-3 @ 500 MHz
> external DecTalk express
> I currently have Debian 2.2.20 running on the machine, after many hours of 
> fussing to get the new 80gb disk installed properly and Xfree86 / KDE 
> running.
> Now I learn that Speakup needs kernel 2.4.25, or later. I downloaded the 
> 2.6.6 kernel from, thinking I may as well jump all the way 
> if a kernel build is required.
> After downloading Speakup 1.5 and running the .checkout. program in 
> accordance with the INSTALLATION document, I am not prompted to configure 
> Speakup. I.m following the directions carefully, but having no luck.
> In the interest of not wasting several days trying to .recreate the wheel. 
> I thought someone on the list might get me going down the best path to 
> make this happen. I noticed the link on to the Debian floppy 
> creation for Woody3, but am trying to avoid reinstalling Debian after all 
> of the hours I already have invested in this current machine.s 
> configuration.
> Would someone please be kind enough to advise me (as concisely as 
> possible) on how I should proceed? Maybe a fresh install is my only 
> choice?
> Thanks in advance for any assistance.
> Jeff
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