online banking with Bank of America: not quite accessible enough

Janina Sajka janina at
Sat Jan 31 12:43:31 EST 2004

Yes, Darrell, you are very correct when you say that we should not place
unreasonable demands. I couldn't agree more.

So, is it unreasonable to insist that they actually test for encryption
in order to insure secure communications rather than inferring that
things must be OK if you show up at the door wearing the "right

In essence, it seems to me they're actually practicing dangerous
computing, not safe computing, by inferring security from bad data.

Darrell Shandrow writes:
> From: "Darrell Shandrow" <nu7i at>
> Hi Buddy,
> In the specific case of the Bank of America issue, you are all correct.  It
> should be fixed to test the proper condition; Lynx can, indeed, support SSL!
> In more general terms, however, all I am saying is that it is critical not
> to place any unreasonable demands when it comes to accessibility.  W3C
> standards are an excellent starting point as they are widely-recognized,
> international standards as far as they go.  Web design software should, by
> its very function, generate W3C compliant code while the GUI user designs
> the pages for their web site.  That could result in minimal-effort or
> zero-effort accessibility.> 

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