online banking with Bank of America: not quite accessible enough

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Sat Jan 31 12:56:37 EST 2004

Hi Janina,

In the specific example about which we are discussing, well, I couldn't
agree more.  It should be possible to get Bank of America to fix it,
especially if you frame it as a security issue rather than a accessibility
or browser-compatibility issue...

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> Yes, Darrell, you are very correct when you say that we should not place
> unreasonable demands. I couldn't agree more.
> So, is it unreasonable to insist that they actually test for encryption
> in order to insure secure communications rather than inferring that
> things must be OK if you show up at the door wearing the "right
> browser?"
> In essence, it seems to me they're actually practicing dangerous
> computing, not safe computing, by inferring security from bad data.
> Darrell Shandrow writes:
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> >
> > Hi Buddy,
> >
> > In the specific case of the Bank of America issue, you are all correct.
> > should be fixed to test the proper condition; Lynx can, indeed, support
> >
> > In more general terms, however, all I am saying is that it is critical
> > to place any unreasonable demands when it comes to accessibility.  W3C
> > standards are an excellent starting point as they are widely-recognized,
> > international standards as far as they go.  Web design software should,
> > its very function, generate W3C compliant code while the GUI user
> > the pages for their web site.  That could result in minimal-effort or
> > zero-effort accessibility.>
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