using Less commands

Steve Holmes steve at
Wed Jan 28 18:04:10 EST 2004

No, I was using speakup when I was in sc.  Yea, I use the speakup read
line keys to verify by looking at the top part of the screen.  Plus
the recent versions of sc place the curser on the currently selected
cell so generally reding the current word or just to the right of it
for numbers will tell you the contents of the current cell.  That
might seem a tad tedious but some of the headakes I've had with
earlier versions of Window-Eyes and Excel, I can't say this situation
with sc is all that bad.

For emacs, there is an add-on spreadsheet program called dismal or
something like that.  I haven't tried it yet personally but it sounds
like it might be interesting with emacspeak.  I might take a look at
it later on.

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