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Main thing I've noticed about the folks on CCRMA is that they strip
their boxes down. For example, they'll turn networking off and unload
those drivers if they've even got them installed in the first place when
doing some serious music crunching. There's a lot of documentation about
low latency, pre-emption, and disk tuning on the CCRMA site.

Bottom line seems to be that Linux needs to be coaxed into leaving pipes
in place.

Shaun Oliver writes:
> From: Shaun Oliver <shaun_oliver at>
> ecasound is a right bitch if you don't treat it right.
> I've had many a frustrating long day spent working it out.
> my main purpose is to find something capable of allowing me to use
> dynamic compression when I do my radio broadcasts for awesome radio.
> you know I ain't a pro but I like that punchy sound compression brings
> to the stream.
> the trick is to set up various chains for various purposes and save them
> off and hope to somebody or whomever your god is that it all works.
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