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Have you ever had a look at ecasound?  I don't bhave the web url in
front of me but I can't figure the stupid thing out.  I have been
working with it a little but I can't get it to record from the line in
to the comp.

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004, Janina Sajka wrote:

> Hi, Shaun:
> I play keyboards. My background is concert piano, and I've played
> various mostly church music over the last 15 years on various keyboards
> ranging across all kinds of styles.
> My latest acquisition is currently in escrow. I bought a Kurzweil 2600
> on Ebay on the strength of what the Scrimenti brothers discovered about
> Kurz 2k machines. It turns out the Kurz sends ASCII out its MIDI out
> port that covers everything on the LCD. How about that?
> This has been all the rage on the MIDI-Mag list. They have a $70 USD
> Windows app to voice the LCD, essentially. I want to duplicate this in
> Linux, needless to say. I'm also spending a lot of time getting
> acquainted with various music apps available on Linux. I pay particular
> attention to Planet CCRMA (pronounced karma) at Stanford:
> PS: You can hear some of my music backing up folks on my home page:
> Shaun Oliver writes:
> > From: Shaun Oliver <shaun_oliver at>
> >
> > hi,
> > well what do you both play?
> > me, I'm a guitar man anyway that's not the point, I'm glad to a certain
> > extent I'm holding back on gnopernicus mainly because of these issues.
> > I'm the type of person that's likely to get ill tempered with the thing
> > and toss it out the window if it really cracks the shits.
> > to be honest, for now, I'm happy to be an end-user of GNU/Linux and pick
> > up bits and pieces along the way.
> > but I guess I'll be waiting for a while for gnopernicus to be prime
> > time. but I'm also betting it'll be worth the wait.
> >
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