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Fri Jan 2 09:56:54 EST 2004

Hi, Shaun:

I play keyboards. My background is concert piano, and I've played
various mostly church music over the last 15 years on various keyboards
ranging across all kinds of styles.

My latest acquisition is currently in escrow. I bought a Kurzweil 2600
on Ebay on the strength of what the Scrimenti brothers discovered about
Kurz 2k machines. It turns out the Kurz sends ASCII out its MIDI out
port that covers everything on the LCD. How about that?

This has been all the rage on the MIDI-Mag list. They have a $70 USD
Windows app to voice the LCD, essentially. I want to duplicate this in
Linux, needless to say. I'm also spending a lot of time getting
acquainted with various music apps available on Linux. I pay particular
attention to Planet CCRMA (pronounced karma) at Stanford:

PS: You can hear some of my music backing up folks on my home page:

Shaun Oliver writes:
> From: Shaun Oliver <shaun_oliver at>
> hi,
> well what do you both play?
> me, I'm a guitar man anyway that's not the point, I'm glad to a certain
> extent I'm holding back on gnopernicus mainly because of these issues.
> I'm the type of person that's likely to get ill tempered with the thing
> and toss it out the window if it really cracks the shits.
> to be honest, for now, I'm happy to be an end-user of GNU/Linux and pick
> up bits and pieces along the way.
> but I guess I'll be waiting for a while for gnopernicus to be prime
> time. but I'm also betting it'll be worth the wait.
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