Proving myself

Jes and guide dog Harley jesman598 at
Sat Nov 15 11:21:51 EST 2003

Kevin, seriously! I came on speakup to learn about Linux and to get a handle on it before I switched to it. You're taking that
away from us by just writing nonsense to the list. You say that I don't respect you, but I say I'm respecting you enough by not
throwing swear words at you like another person has on the list. But honestly Kevin, I'm sick and tired of your stuff on the list.
IF you'd like, I would gladly give you another Linux list to be on, and you can cause war there all you like as long as you would
unsubscribe from this one. You will miss the war when its over, but it doesn't have to be over for you. I know of another Linux
list where you could take your programming skills and promote them all you want. I don't know what feedback you'll get, but I know
you want war, so if you want, I'll give you another Linux list to subscribe too. IT'll be worth your time, trust me!

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