Proving myself

kevin kjsisco at
Sat Nov 15 12:25:46 EST 2003

I was sarcastic.  I do not want war.  And I do thank you for giving me more
respect than certain other members...
What other list did you have in mind?
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> Kevin, seriously! I came on speakup to learn about Linux and to get a
handle on it before I switched to it. You're taking that
> away from us by just writing nonsense to the list. You say that I don't
respect you, but I say I'm respecting you enough by not
> throwing swear words at you like another person has on the list. But
honestly Kevin, I'm sick and tired of your stuff on the list.
> IF you'd like, I would gladly give you another Linux list to be on, and
you can cause war there all you like as long as you would
> unsubscribe from this one. You will miss the war when its over, but it
doesn't have to be over for you. I know of another Linux
> list where you could take your programming skills and promote them all you
want. I don't know what feedback you'll get, but I know
> you want war, so if you want, I'll give you another Linux list to
subscribe too. IT'll be worth your time, trust me!
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