Proving myself

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Sat Nov 15 11:12:31 EST 2003

Ah hear you go again, taking charge!  I must say that is admirable.
Perhaps the moderator agrees with me and is sick of you flooding his inbox.
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> Folks, I just counted all the messages from this thread alone. The total
was 25! 25 messages of pure nonsense! 25 messages
> relating to one person who wants to put us all in awe at his fantastic
ability to spam! Not program, spam! I've received 25
> messages from this nonsense thread on this list, and guess what? I'm
leaving! Kevin, get your kick out of a windows list! Why is
> it that if you know how to program in Linux, that you write some silly
mouse driver for dos? Please! You're all wasting our time,
> and I don't care if his mailbox is flooded, I will contact the moderator
forever until you are outta here for good!
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