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On 11/15/03  9:50 AM -0500, showell at wrote:
> Folks,
> I have a question and if your running gShield firewall script you might 
> be able to help. I am trying to get this thing setup so that I don't 
> continue to receive messages on the console about dropped packets etc. I 
> went through all the option sin the configuration file and so forth and 
> looked over syslog, but I've not been able to fix the problem. I don't 
> mind if this stuff was logged to one console like tty7, but I'd rather 
> have nothing than all this stuff on every console. Can anyone offer some 
> direction on this?

I am not using your firewall package, but you might try looking for
ulogd and using the ULOG target instead of LOG in your iptables rules.
This will log all the firewall stuff separately from the kernel

Another approach is to add the "-c3" option to where syslogd is started
in your distro. This tells syslogd not to log kernel messages less than
I believe the info priority, but possibly its notice. Happy hacking.

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