returning ext3 to ext2

Steve Holmes steve at
Sun Nov 9 12:17:37 EST 2003

Yes, there is a .journal file in the / directory.  Interesting thing
though; I did a 'ls -la' to show dot files and the .journal on my box
shows a last mod date of 3 Mar 2003 and I've been using my machine all
along here so not sure what that really means.  I figured it would
have a recent time stamp.

Well, I now see that on one of my other linux machines here that a
.journal file does *NOT* exist and when I do the mount command, it
does indeed show that it is an ext3 file system so my previous
paragraph must be moot now.  <hmmm> wonder what will happen if I
delete the .journal on this machine? It's 33 megs I can get back:)
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