Debating if i should unsubscribe

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Fri Nov 7 09:44:53 EST 2003

You don't realize one thing:
Words are weapons.
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> *SNIP*
> See? i'm not that far blown, I know!
> /dev/eth0 is your first ethernet adapter, and then is /dev/eth1 and so
> on...  I'm assuming that you have a whole other box that you're doing
> the
> e-mail thing on?
> *SNIP*
> now there's a classic example of talking out your arse if ever I heard
> it.
> chris may have unsubbed from the list,
> but statements like the above just go to show how wrong he actually was.
> there is no /dev/eth0 nore is there any /dev/eth1 or so on.
> kirk's motto applys here.
> Why be helpful if you are not?
> oh well, I've only got kevin to kick the shit out of, now.
> at least that still amuses me,
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