Debating if i should unsubscribe

Shaun Oliver shaun_oliver at
Fri Nov 7 10:04:59 EST 2003

at the risk of being helpful, kevin delivered up the following on Fri, Nov 07, 2003 at 09:44:53AM -0500, 
> You don't realize one thing:
> Words are weapons.

Are they really? I never of course gave that a thought.
but kevin, any chance to shoot you down in flames and I'll gladly grab
it with both hands. you sir, are tiresum, boring, dead from the neck up,
full of shit, a boil on the arse of society that needs squezing and
badly, and, an overall pain in the arse.
I'll use the only weapons I have available to me.
and if it hurts you, quite frankly I don't care.
like my signature says I may have to kiss your ass tomorrow, but you had
better be sure you're not talking out of it if I ever do, or I'll come
up and bite it yet again.
I've had my fill of shit stirring kevin so I'm going back to doing
something worth while. and that is using an operating system that
doesn't suffer fools gladly.
good day to you sir and oh,
get nicked.

Shaun Oliver
"Becareful of the toes u step on today, they maybe connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow!"

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