Debating if i should unsubscribe

Chris Gilland chris at
Fri Nov 7 06:18:08 EST 2003

You wanna make a bet i won't unsubscribe? tell me how, and i'll do it!

'w'w'w'watch me!

kevin, if you'd like, write me again off list, i'm gonna set up a list on 
topica, for linux newbies, and believe me:  none of these guys will be on it...

They think that i've got the time to sit on my buddix all day, and do 
nothing more than swipe through mail to see if I'm being talked 
about...  Quite frankly, i love myself, and that is what matters:  I don't 
care what others think...  Quite frankly, I feel that no one should judge 
your feelings, so kevin, if you're ever upset and feeling down, tell me! I 
wanna know about it, so I can share the pain, as a friend...  If you are 
happy about something, i wanna know so I can share your joy...  That's just 
the type person that I am...  I mean no harm to anyone, but when people 
start bushing around with me, and start telling me to quote: piss off, and 
to quote: take a cup, p in it, then drink it...  that will not be 
tollerated under my standards, nor should it be...  Again, I'll very 
clearly state, I might be a jerk at times, but does this mean that yall 
have to come back at me with negativity?

i really don't see where I've done all that much wrong...  and besides, 
what does my mail i sent last night have to do with reading documentation, 
and when did I say I wasn't willing to read it...  Can one of you all quote 
no... better... paste! from an exact e-mail, where I deliveretly said:  I 
will not read documentation.  i challenge anyone to fulfill that request...

i'm not gonna keep arguing...  So... really... this is the end, 
period...  yall can write all you want on this topic, but unless you all 
have something positive to say about it, I'm just gonna sit back and lerk, 
until I find out how to unsubscribe, at which point, I'll be doing so...

Good luck to all yall.


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