Debating if i should unsubscribe

kevin kjsisco at
Fri Nov 7 09:50:16 EST 2003

Thank you, that means alot to me.  I have had to put up with the same
bullshit and will be emailing you off list.
kjsisco at

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> You wanna make a bet i won't unsubscribe? tell me how, and i'll do it!
> 'w'w'w'watch me!
> kevin, if you'd like, write me again off list, i'm gonna set up a list on
> topica, for linux newbies, and believe me:  none of these guys will be on
> They think that i've got the time to sit on my buddix all day, and do
> nothing more than swipe through mail to see if I'm being talked
> about...  Quite frankly, i love myself, and that is what matters:  I don't
> care what others think...  Quite frankly, I feel that no one should judge
> your feelings, so kevin, if you're ever upset and feeling down, tell me! I
> wanna know about it, so I can share the pain, as a friend...  If you are
> happy about something, i wanna know so I can share your joy...  That's
> the type person that I am...  I mean no harm to anyone, but when people
> start bushing around with me, and start telling me to quote: piss off, and
> to quote: take a cup, p in it, then drink it...  that will not be
> tollerated under my standards, nor should it be...  Again, I'll very
> clearly state, I might be a jerk at times, but does this mean that yall
> have to come back at me with negativity?
> i really don't see where I've done all that much wrong...  and besides,
> what does my mail i sent last night have to do with reading documentation,
> and when did I say I wasn't willing to read it...  Can one of you all
> no... better... paste! from an exact e-mail, where I deliveretly said:  I
> will not read documentation.  i challenge anyone to fulfill that
> i'm not gonna keep arguing...  So... really... this is the end,
> period...  yall can write all you want on this topic, but unless you all
> have something positive to say about it, I'm just gonna sit back and lerk,
> until I find out how to unsubscribe, at which point, I'll be doing so...
> Good luck to all yall.
> Chris.
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