Debating if i should unsubscribe

Shaun Oliver shaun_oliver at
Thu Nov 6 23:05:39 EST 2003

at the risk of being helpful, kevin delivered up the following on Thu, Nov 06, 2003 at 07:12:54PM -0500, 
> I am so proud of you!  I am in the same boat as you.  I have recieved
> rudeness and nothing but!  What in the hell kind of comunity is this anyway?

I swore I wouldn't post but I just can't help myself.

chris, do us all a favour and piss off.
a few of us have tryed to help you myself included.
only to find you not only want us to pour the water into the glass for
you but fucking drink it as well!?
if you ain't prepared to go away and read documentation and come back
with questions, or state hey I sorted it out all by my little self, then
you might as well go back to using windows.
they'll not only drink the water poured out for you, they'll even take a
piss and a complimentory dump, and ask if you're sure you'd like to
just click yes and it'll even whipe your arse when you're done.
we'er not here to hand hold, nore are we here to give praise when praise
is so obviously not deserving.

kevin and chris, you would do us a great service if you did unsubscribe.
but I know damn well neither of you will.
it's simple, both of you want to know when something's being said about
you. or directed at you. you can't help yourselves,
it's people like you that drag the community we work so hard to maintain
into disrepute. I'll never unsubscribe because I know at some point what
I say is worth at the very least $0.20 and that 20 cents worth counts
for something when it's greatfully received.
kevin, again you've done nothing to prove the existants of this  brave
new inovation for alsatools, and chris, all you want is to be hand held
and not learn anything. LInux isn't like that.
you either do or die.
and guys, you're both so dead you're stank.
chris go away and read some docs and fucking well learn something.
and come back when you've absorbed something in that pea sized brain of
and kevin do some actual programming rather than spuing forth copeus
amounts of pure unadulterated bull shit.
I've had enough of the whingers and whyners and complainers on this
list. if you're not prepared to do a little reading in the first place
then it's your own fault when it all goes pair shaped.
read read read!
ask questions sure but be prepared to READ!
this is all I'll say. I'm even stunned that such crap was even posted
the pair of you grow up.

Shaun Oliver
"Becareful of the toes u step on today, they maybe connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow!"

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