Mobile Accessibility

Geoff Shang gshang at
Wed Nov 5 18:39:58 EST 2003

Hi Cherryl:

Like Janina, my main problem with mobile phone manuals is the graphics used
to represent buttons on the phones, rather than using words to describe the
buttons.  As for converting PDF documents, it's been my experience that no
single tool will give you the best results.  I have a couple of different
programs here (pstotext and pdftotext) and it really depends on the PDF
file as to which tool does the better job.

Not sure about other distributions, but in Debian, pstotext is in the
pstotext package and pdftotext is in the xpdf package.

One other thing I'd say.  The U.S. having section 255 is a good thing.
Many other places don't have such laws, but we can benefit from the law in
the USA.  So, as a non-American, I encourage people to make complaints
against these things so that all of us can benefit from accessible


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