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Yes, Cheryl, I would encourage an even simpler version of this complaint
is sufficient for a Section 255 complaint. They have to give you an
accessible manual. That needs to include words that clearly describe the
available controls, the device features, and how to use them.

Frequently, converting PDF (and other formats) gives you instructions

"To program a speed dial number first press  , then the number you want
followed by the  key. Next type a two digit number for the memory
location and press  ."

Every place I have above is a graphic of the button you're supposed to
press. That doesn't work, clearly. It's sufficient grounds for a

What you should be getting and what you can file a complaint about is
covered in a brochure we publish at

By the way, AFB (and ACB and NIB's) position on PDF is also published on
line at:

Cheryl Homiak writes:
> From: Cheryl Homiak <chomiak at>
> Janina:
> Are pdf files for cell phone manuals considered to be meeting
> accessibility?
> I am having to have my cell phone manual brailled at my own expense. the
> only way I could get it, other than print, was pdf. when i downloaded the
> pdf and turned it into text, I think the columns on pages must have been
> interwoven or something, because I'll get a sentence or part thereof of
> one topic and then it switches to a sentence of another topic. It would
> appear that there was some kind of formatting or columning that neither an
> html translator or text translator could handle.
> Ironically, the volunteer group transcribing my manual have found the pdf
> file very helpful for the transcription--but I couldn't use it "out of the
> box" so to speak.
> the whole accessibility thing is rather strange, as there are increasingly
> voice recognition and speech production in some way by these phones, but
> those capabilities never extend to actual navigation of the menus and
> reading of the display, etc.
> -- 
> Cheryl
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