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On 11/05/03  1:28 PM -0600, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> Oh no.
> I was able to download it fine, and the table of contents was fine I
> think. but there must have been columns or something strange, because
> sentences from the text were interspersed, waving back and forth between
> topics. I tried converting the pdf file both to html and text with the
> same results.
> But it really doesn't matter now in this particular instance, since i'm
> having it brailled. However, it does point out one of the pdf files, at
> least in linux and maybe in general; I don't know.

I have had similar problems with converting pdf's and unfortunately I
don't know if you can say they are inaccessable because they can usually
be read fine with jfw and acrobat. This problem is similar to the
trouble with web sites and again the answer you will hear on this list
is that the pdf was made incorrectly, and the answer you will hear
elsewhere is "what?! you don't use jfw?!". There may be a way to unwrap
the interspersed lines with some programming trick, but I haven't tried
it and that wouldn't be the ideal solution anyway.

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