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Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Wed Nov 5 16:10:21 EST 2003


I recently had a PDF file of the manual for my router, and
noticed the interleaving of lines too. I used the "-raw" option
on pdftotext to undo the columns which worked okay, except when
it undid the two columns on a page it placed the right column
first and then the left. So lines were no longer interleaved, but
columns were in the wrong order on the page. Maybe there was a
Hebrew/English switch I was supposed to use or something.


On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> Oh no.
> I was able to download it fine, and the table of contents was fine I
> think. but there must have been columns or something strange, because
> sentences from the text were interspersed, waving back and forth between
> topics. I tried converting the pdf file both to html and text with the
> same results.
> But it really doesn't matter now in this particular instance, since i'm
> having it brailled. However, it does point out one of the pdf files, at
> least in linux and maybe in general; I don't know.

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