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Wed Nov 5 14:15:49 EST 2003


If you can give me some more info on what problems you were having 
accessing the pdf manual maybe I can help since I've been there several times.
by chance did it have something to do with the security settings?

At 13:05 11/5/03, you wrote:
>Are pdf files for cell phone manuals considered to be meeting
>I am having to have my cell phone manual brailled at my own expense. the
>only way I could get it, other than print, was pdf. when i downloaded the
>pdf and turned it into text, I think the columns on pages must have been
>interwoven or something, because I'll get a sentence or part thereof of
>one topic and then it switches to a sentence of another topic. It would
>appear that there was some kind of formatting or columning that neither an
>html translator or text translator could handle.
>Ironically, the volunteer group transcribing my manual have found the pdf
>file very helpful for the transcription--but I couldn't use it "out of the
>box" so to speak.
>the whole accessibility thing is rather strange, as there are increasingly
>voice recognition and speech production in some way by these phones, but
>those capabilities never extend to actual navigation of the menus and
>reading of the display, etc.
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