R'r'really fuckin pissed!

Chris Gilland chris at mailvision.ath.cx
Wed Nov 5 07:49:31 EST 2003

Yeah, I still can't get the stupid thing to burn, and I don't know why to 
save my life.

You say you're more a Debian person...  I did have the thought cross my 
mind of Debian, but, again, how easy would it be for you and I to get my 
sound card up and running, and how easy is the netconfig interface under 
Debian, vs. say Redhat...

I know that with redhat, it was hardly manageable.  Some have told me that 
is just because I'm very impatient, which may be true, to an extent, I'll 
willingly confess it, however, this really is very s strange, as far as the 
interface for Redhat's netconfig, and Granted, I'd do fine, probably with 
Slackware 9.1 except how am I supposed to install it when I can't get the 
iso to burn properly...



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