R'r'really fuckin pissed!

Alex Snow alex_snow at gmx.net
Wed Nov 5 18:04:40 EST 2003

what happens when you try to burn the disk?
On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 
07:49:31AM -0500, Chris Gilland wrote:
> Yeah, I still can't get the stupid thing to burn, and I don't know why to 
> save my life.
> You say you're more a Debian person...  I did have the thought cross my 
> mind of Debian, but, again, how easy would it be for you and I to get my 
> sound card up and running, and how easy is the netconfig interface under 
> Debian, vs. say Redhat...
> I know that with redhat, it was hardly manageable.  Some have told me that 
> is just because I'm very impatient, which may be true, to an extent, I'll 
> willingly confess it, however, this really is very s strange, as far as the 
> interface for Redhat's netconfig, and Granted, I'd do fine, probably with 
> Slackware 9.1 except how am I supposed to install it when I can't get the 
> iso to burn properly...
> Anyhow...
> Chris.
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Who is General Failure and why is he reading my hard disk?

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