problem visiting google

Luke Davis ldavis at
Sat Nov 1 15:53:26 EST 2003


The "script" he is talking about, is the "script" command.  Do a man for
script (man script).
It is not a script in the sense of a bash script, but is a script in the
sense of a transcript.  That is: it records everything that happens on

The "m" you were talking about, has an up-arrow before it (turn on
punctuation when reading those kinds of things).  A control M, or uparrow
M ("^m"), is the control character, or printable form, of a carrage

Lynx will add the slash if you don't, when it rewrites the URL.
Also, no need for jumpfiles or bookmarks: doing "lynx google", will cause
lynx to rewrite the URL as "google", and when that fails: "http://google",
then: "".  That works, and the remote httpd server, has
it reform the URL via redirection, to "".  The web
server then, I believe (may have the order screwed up here), because
everything is a directory other than files, requires lynx to, which it
does, add a slash.


 On Sat, 1 Nov 2003, Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> What is the "m" for before the google url?
> You know, there's what seems to me to be a simpler way to do this.
> I enabled jumpfiles in lynx the cat, which you can read about in the
> documentation.
> I type lynx and when i get the starter page I type j and "search" and end
> up at google. Or you can bookmark google and access it that way.
> Seems like more work to do a script for this and it looks to me like
> something may be wrong with your script anyway.
> And again, when I do access google by using the url, I've never had to add
> the  slash at the end so I think that isn't essential in any case.

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