Festival Module for Speakup

Matteo Fasanella mfasanella at deis.unibo.it
Mon Mar 24 09:56:27 EST 2003

Hi, I wrote a Festival Module for Speakup.

It is part of a project called Linux 4D (linux for disabled), I'm 
working on, with an Italian Association for disabled people.

The code is here: 

The Homepage of Linux 4D Project is: http://weblab.deis.unibo.it/Linux4D

There are also some instruction on how to install it 
(http://weblab.deis.unibo.it/Linux4D/docs/spkup-fest.html), but are only 
in italian.

To install the module, you have to untar the package and copy in a 
directory; then "cd" there and you'll find a "usr" directory.
Copy all the files present in "usr" subdirectory, in the corresponding 
"/usr" subdirectory.
Then reconfig the kernel (with "make config" o "make menuconfig") and 
activate the Festival Module, and you can choose "fest" as default synth.
Them go back in the package directory and do "make" to compile the user 
part of the module ("middleware").
After then, you can reboot the machine, load the festival demon and load 
the "middleware" program.

If everythings went well, you'll hear your system speaking...

Happy working...  :-)

    Matteo Fasanella


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