network outage

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Mon Mar 24 08:45:07 EST 2003

Hello everyone:  Saturday evening we had a very strange network and
power outage which took down almost all of the machines and placed our
Cisco switch into a brain dead state.  Unfortunately, the switch and
our hubs are in a locked riser closet down the hall from my office and
I do not have a key to the closet.  It seems that our computer (lack
of) support department didn't have anyone on call to take calls on the
weekend.  Therefore, it had to wait until I could come in this morning
and get a caretaker to let me into the room.  I would have come in on
Saturday night except there were no caretakers on duty either it
seems.  Anyway, I apologize for the break in network access to our
various facilities but it was unavoidable.


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