speach enabling an installation of mandrake linux

Thomas Ward slingshooter at valkyrie.net
Fri Mar 21 01:53:13 EST 2003

Hello, Jared. What you said is correct. Mandrake has an install method 
called win4lin which will allow Mandrake to be installed to the Windows 
partition without having to use a partitioning tool like parted. This is 
done by creating a large swap file on the windows drive, and then 
installing Mandrake into that swop file.
This of course will cut Mandrake's proformence, and the loss of 
proformence all depends on how fast your computer is. On new systems this 
is not a problem, but on vary old pentiums it can show to some degree.
As for speakup enabling Mandrake this has been a dificult under taking. 
For some reasont the Official Mandrake kernels won't compile, screaming 
about the keymap file, when speakup is patched in. Forcing me to use the 
generic kernel from kernel.org. The reason why that is bad is that 
Mandrake's kernel has supermount, and so on which is used for drive 
mounting, and something I miss when using the generic kernel.
The bright side is that emacspeak works ok on Mandrake, and that is one 
avenew to concidder.

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