Bug in Speakup 1.00?

Luke Davis ldavis at shellworld.net
Sat Mar 8 17:47:58 EST 2003

Hmm, you just don't give up.

Comments follow.

On Fri, 7 Mar 2003, Janina Sajka wrote:

> What amazes me is that you would prefer to have your Linux system off
> the net. That's rather like getting a carriage without wheels. A
> sailboat without a mast? A stove without gas?

Ah, very poetic.  I do not "prefer" anything of the sort.  I just didn't
have a PPP account anywhere, and since I hadn't needed one before, it was
not a high priority.  If you read any of my messages here, you will know
that I have said this several times.  Look at the name of my ISP: it
should give you some vague idea of the type of account I'm using.

> Obviously, you have some means of accessing the net, or you wouldn't be
> peppering the list with all those complaints.

I'm getting a bit tired of this.  If I and anything I have to say is not
welcome on this list, I will happily find another.  I know that my
questions offend you, but I thought we had resolved this privately, only
to see you starting it again publicly.

> Never mind. Don't answer why it's just not convenient to give up
> Windows, or to a/b switch your LInux box to you net connection, or to

As you also are fully aware, I am not running Windows here, and my vaunted
"gates box" for which you hold me in such contempt, is running only DOS
6.22.  I am not running anything else, because until two months ago, I was
stuck running a 486 DX2/100.  Only now, do I have another system for my
home use.

> run your Gates box as a client on your Linux server with Samba--which
> would give you full net access from both boxes. Never mind.

If you want me to install Windows locally to achieve this, I'll be happy to
accept your donation of the OS and a larger hard drive, or another box to
run it on, as my rather old lap top is a bit unstable.

I ask you again, to get off my back.  You do not appear to know what
you're talking about in relation to me and my equipment, and I do not know
from where the chip on your sholder comes, but please make an attempt to
get a grip, and bring your emotions under control.



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