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Fri Mar 7 00:40:49 EST 2003

Let me piggy-back on this one:  anyone aware of an accessible version of 
Linux that runs on Macs?  I have this 6400 that runs on a 604ev (or 
something like that) and it is just sitting in a corner...



At 08:18 PM 3/6/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello List,
>I just joined the list and thought 'd introduce myself.  I'm a programmer
>working at a cardiology research center at the University of Utah.  We
>mostly use Macs, but I also use JAWS under Windows 98.  Since the
>underpinnings of MAC OS X is Linux,  I thought I'd try installing a PC
>version and see if I can get a headstart on the learning curve for OS X.
>I currently have EMACSSpeak running under Red Hat 8.0 on a  1.4 mHtz machine
>with 256 Mb of RAM and 20 Gb devoted to Linux.  I would now like to install
>Speakup.  Yes, I now realize this is kind of backwards, but we live and
> From looking at the Speakup FAQ's,  it looks like I should buy the Double
>Talk external speech synthesizer.  It seems to be the best (and least
>expensive!) way for me to go.
>Is this a good choice?  Are there any better solutions?  Will this
>synthesizer block me from other options (like GNOME)  that are under
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