questions about split version of zipspeak

tony seth mantis420 at
Mon Mar 3 23:05:50 EST 2003

Hi all.  I accidentally posted my question via another email address, ooops, 
anyway, here's the question again.  I tried installing the split version of 
zipspeak on a dos only system, dos 6.22 but when I used pkunzip to unzip it 
with the -d switch, instead of unzipping nicely to the linux directory with 
subdirectories, it did that, and as well, dumped several files in the root 
directory.  I thought I did it right, but now I know AI either didn't or 
something happened that shouldn't have.  I used the -d switch on all 22 
files, was that perhaps my error?  Thanks all.... any help would be welcome.

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