questions about split version of zipspeak

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I am quite sure that -d will recurse into the subdirectories stored in the
zip file.
I have noticed that with zipspeak, however, that it also wants to write over
some files that have already been unzipped.
And the last file of 21 or 22 files doesn't seem to unzip anything.

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Hi all.  I accidentally posted my question via another email address, ooops,
anyway, here's the question again.  I tried installing the split version of
zipspeak on a dos only system, dos 6.22 but when I used pkunzip to unzip it
with the -d switch, instead of unzipping nicely to the linux directory with
subdirectories, it did that, and as well, dumped several files in the root
directory.  I thought I did it right, but now I know AI either didn't or
something happened that shouldn't have.  I used the -d switch on all 22
files, was that perhaps my error?  Thanks all.... any help would be welcome.

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