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Igor Gueths igueths at
Thu Jan 16 20:17:40 EST 2003

I use cable select currently and things seem to be working well.

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On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Scott Howell wrote:

> If you want to make it possible to swap drives in and out etc. here is a
> suggestion. Most newer and probably a good number of older boards allow
> you to set the drives as auto detect. This allows you to put in whatever
> drive and on boot the bios will detect what you put in. It does slow
> boot some, but not so bad. I've been using that on the second ide
> channel on my box as it allows exactly what you wish to do. The only
> thing you need to be sure of is how things are jumpered on the drives.
> Cable select is nice, but does not necessarily work with all drives.
> Cable select apparently allows you to slap a drive anywhere on the cable
> and master and slave configuration isn't necessarily needing to be done
> on the drive itself. I've seen mixed results with such a configuration.
> good luck
> Scott
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