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Deedra Waters dmwaters at
Thu Jan 2 14:17:41 EST 2003

Whee! It's working. It's normal again....for me at least:) One last
question and I think I can figure out the rest of what I need.

I have several different email addresses that I use for different
things. From what it looks like in the config file, I can set up sort of
message rules so that for example any mail that goes to
staff at or dmwaters at I can reply with
dmwaters at What I don't see unless I'm missing it, is the
ability to send messages from dmwaters at using a new message
Am I missing something there?

Janina Sajka wrote
| Here's a brief excerpt from my current Mutt index screen. Sorry, the
| editor is wrapping the lines though they're not wrapped on the index
| screen itself:
|    r    154 Telephony Voice User Interface Conference (  49) Jim Tobias 
| fmt
|         155 
| *> ( 104) Jim Tobias fmt
|         156 Mastering 88 Keys Con (Digital) Brio ( 193) Paula
| Tucker fmt
| Notice that this isn't the default index screen. I wanted status,
| message number, then subject, in that order. So, I have the following in
| my .muttrc:
| set index_format = "%Z %4C %s %?M?(#%03M)&(%4l)? %F %{fmt}"
| The blank subject part of #155 indicates that it's in the thread with
| 154. This is behavior you can change, though I don't recall how just
| now.
| Certainly, you can set mutt to not thread, which would probably do it
| right there.
| PS: My %[fmt] is clearly wrong. Guess I should fix it! <grin>
| Deedra Waters writes:
| > 
| > The only thing that bugs me about not seeing  more of the subject lines
| > is that a lot of messages look blank. For example the "logging in on
| > multiple consoles thread" It makes it a lot harder to just skim threw
| > messages that way. I liked the fact that pine showed me at least part of
| > the subject line so I could just ignore the stuff I didn't want to read.
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