8.0 problems.

Bear in SFO BearSFO at PacBell.NET
Sun Oct 6 22:58:36 EDT 2002

I definitely agreed that EmacsSpeak and Speakup are different - exactly my 
point - if they can include EmacsSpeak, why not Speakup too??

At 08:26 PM 10/6/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>On Sun, Oct 06, 2002 at 05:23:41PM -0700, Bear in SFO wrote:
> >
> > They do have EmacsSpeak don't they?!  At least that's what I was told at
> > Linux World 2002...
>Ok, so now we're talking about people not knowing what the differences 
>between Speakup and emacspeak are as far as how they work?
>That's like saying that only one mail program should be included like pine 
>or mutt and just only that one.
>Yes Speakup and Emacspeak are different but they both have their strengths 
>and weaknesses. I don't have any experience with Emacspeak, but from what 
>I've been told you cna basically do all the things with Emacspeak that you 
>can with Speakup except for the installation of the box.
>I haven't done this yet but I will be using Emacspeak soon on my laptop 
>becuase I don't want to lug the synth around with me when I'm on the go so 
>will be using that on the laptop with software speech.
>So both programs are good nad have their uses and both should stay in the 
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