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Thu Oct 3 14:48:40 EDT 2002

Sorry for the cross post. I installed RedHat 7.3 on the 30GB HD of my
Windows 98 Computeer. When the computer boots, Grub gives me a list of
RedHat or Windows. And if I do not choose then RedHat will load. Windows 98
is on drive C and Linux  uses the rest of the HD. I am told That I should
uninstall Grub before deleteing the Linux partation. How do I uninstall

I am told that I can run FDISK to delete the Linux partition. How do I run
FDISK? I assume I need sited assistance to use FDISK. i am not familular
With FDISK, (I Have only used FDISK once), so instructions please? I wish to
delete the Linux partition and extend drive c to use the whole HD.

Angus MacKinnon
Adaptive Computer Educator, (ACE)
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