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Ralph W. Reid rreid at sunset.net
Mon Nov 25 07:20:17 EST 2002

Glenn Ervin staggered into view and mumbled:
>I still have not decided which distro to use.
>I am not afraid of any type being difficult.
>I am simply wanting the most capable distro for using on a current system.
>256 MB ram, P5 1.7 GB processor.
>I plan on duel-booting with Linux having its own HD.
>I have read some documentation on the differences, but I am still left
>It seems that Debian, RedHat, and Slackware are the distros of choice.
>Can anyone give me any ideas?
>I plan on doing much audio (MP3) stuff, and much e-mail, & internet
>I hope to be able to set up lilo to let me select between windows or Linux,
>or I will set up a floppy for this option.
>Thanks for any input.

I settled on Slackware 8.0 because the files were easy to download
onto my DOS system at the time.  Slackware 8.1 would not be so easy
to download onto an older DOS system because the file names have
changed to values DOS would not know how to handle.  I considered Red Hat Linux first because I wanted to be able to use Word Perfect on Linux, but
it seems that I made the right choice with Slackware since Word
Perfect for Linux is all graphical--absolutely useless for me.  Redd
Hat seems to have a nice embedded applications programming package (I
do not know whether it is accessible for blind people or not), so if
I ever start building robots to be run from a central A. I. here at
home, I might consider switching over to Red Hat.  I am not building
robots though, so I do not expect to change from Slackware any time
soon.  Any of the distros should handle the applications you
mentioned, so you might want to look at how the installation and
upgrade procedures work on each of them to help decide which one to

I hope this helps, and have a _great_ day!

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