Inability to make a audio cd of mp3s

Janina Sajka janina at
Sun Nov 24 18:12:37 EST 2002

Why don't you show us the command you're using to try and create your
CD? That might help us help you practically, rather than theoretically.

To answer your questions:

tao is track at once, as opposed to disk at once. It's what you get with
the cdrecord -audio option.

I mistyped and confused you. I was asking whether you really mean to
create an audio CD, such as you might play in your stereo? Or do you
really mean to put .wav or mp3 files on a CD ROM? It's not the same

Lastly, it's not copying in this case. Here's a brief extract from the
cdrecord man page. Notice that it speaks of "extracting data" from the
.wav file:

If a filename ends in .au or .wav the file is considered to be a
structured audio data file.  Cdrecord assumes that the file in this case
is a Sun audio file or a Microsoft .WAV file and extracts the audio data
from the files by skipping over the non- audio header information.  In
all other cases, cdrecord will only work correctly if the audio data
stream does not have any header.  Because many structured audio files do
not have an integral number of blocks (1/75th second) in length, it is
often necessary to specify the -pad option as well.  cdrecord recognizes
that audio data in a .WAV file is stored in Intel (little- endian) byte
order, and will automatically byte-swap the data if the CD recorder
requires big-endian data.

Patricia Logan writes:
> From: Patricia Logan <plogan at>
> Hi, Janina,
>      Your instructions have left me utterly confused.  Please 
> educate me by explaining:
> 1.  Why use the -tao option?
> 2.  What is a "duio" CD?
> 3.  In getting wav files from ones' hard disc to a blank CDR 
> using cdrecord, whether one has ripped them or gotten them some 
> other way, isn't copying what one is doing?
> I recognize that it is very important that I comprehend what is 
> really going on with this process.  Thanks for helping.
>      Pat
> On Sun, 24 
> Nov 2002, Janina Sajka wrote:
> > If you're trying to make an audio CD from your .wav files, use -tao,
> > track at once, not -dao, disk at once mode.
> > 
> > At least, I understood you to say you wanted to make an duio CD, and not
> > a CD ROM containing .wav files. In any case, you don't "copy" them to
> > the compact disk medium.
> > 
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