Gnopernicus with Festival

Adam Myrow amyrow at
Mon Nov 11 19:01:48 EST 2002

The way Speakup grabs the keyboard is to load a special keymap which
replaces the functions of the numeric keypad.  So, you could get the
keypad back by using loadkeys to load a U.S. keymap or whatever you need
that doesn't have Speakup support and then reload the Speakup one when
done.  Hardly an elegant solution.  Chuck, have you tried turning on the
numlock and seeing if Gnopernicus will work that way?  The CVS version of
Speakup will let the keypad act normally with the numlock on.
Alternately, somebody who is good with keymaps could write an alternate
keymap that uses the main keyboard.  I've heard of a laptop keymap, so it
may already be out there.

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