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Chuck Hallenbeck chuckh at
Mon Nov 11 19:23:32 EST 2002

Hi Adam,
I am using kernel 2.4.18 with version 1.0 of speakup, and the
numlock feature is not implemented. Maybe I will go to 2.4.19 and
get the CVS version before I try switching keymaps in and out.

Buddy has a laptop keymap that might just do the trick. He
promised me a copy.


On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Adam Myrow wrote:

> The way Speakup grabs the keyboard is to load a special keymap which
> replaces the functions of the numeric keypad.  So, you could get the
> keypad back by using loadkeys to load a U.S. keymap or whatever you need
> that doesn't have Speakup support and then reload the Speakup one when
> done.  Hardly an elegant solution.  Chuck, have you tried turning on the
> numlock and seeing if Gnopernicus will work that way?  The CVS version of
> Speakup will let the keypad act normally with the numlock on.
> Alternately, somebody who is good with keymaps could write an alternate
> keymap that uses the main keyboard.  I've heard of a laptop keymap, so it
> may already be out there.
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